What is karma?

The soul is like a database containing all the experiences we have made in our physical body. The law of karma is a universal law based on the cause and effect of our actions – it regulates the balance in the universe.

Basically, the thing with Karma is that, same thing attracts same thing; what you sow, you will reap. It is an all-encompassing cosmic law of nature, which expresses that every action produces a certain energy, which returns with equal intensity to the starting point, that is, to the producer.

In short, every time we do something that creates an imbalance, because we are acting out of the ego and negatively affecting others, we need to restore balance. As I call into the forest, it resounds.

This law has not changed to this day. By “serving” and “suffering”, karma is compensated. However, if humanity wants to dissolve its bad karma with these “conventional” means, then a soul still needs between 20 and 60 incarnations.

But there isn´t so much time left for mother earth, she wants to ascend to the fifth dimension! But that does not work with the karma of all humanity. So there has to be another solution to help the people who want to participate in the ascension process.

Eight years ago, Dragica was given the grace to look directly into the Akashic Record. Metatron, the king of angels and guardian of the Akashic Chronicle, has been associated with Dragica for over twenty years. He taught and prepared her for this work. Through the personal initiation of Metatron, Dragica is now able to detach the karma of the people.


What do I understand by karma detachment?

All our actions through all incarnations, are recorded in the Akasha Chronicle, the subtle book of life. If we do “good”, we get good karma, if we do “bad” things, there is bad karma!

The energy body of the human being is connected via subtle karma filaments with the Akashic Chronicle. Fates, accidents, illnesses, relationship problems and much more come to pass through this connection. However, they are not there to punish us, but to restore a karmic balance.

The Karma detachment is now to cut off these subtle filaments. In a further step, the energy body or astral body gets cleaned, layer by layer in order to remove the energies that come from bad karma.

Karma can also be detached prophylactically. So it makes sense to have the karma detachment done as early as possible before we are confronted with unwanted adversities in life.

Karma can also be detached for animals. Amazing changes confirm the success of this measure.


Who is Dragica?

Dragica is a spiritual teacher with body and soul. Already in her childhood, she showed signs of clairvoyance.

28 years of experience with seminars for self – realization and coaching as trainer and speaker in D – A – CH – NL, Bali and USA have brought her tremendous knowledge and professional success.

She is the author of “Harmony – The Healing Power of the Angels”, “Karma Detachment – How to Bring More Love, Happiness and Wealth into Your Life” and her latest work “From Wanting to BEING – I do not want, I do not have to, I AM”.

The permission of Metatron to look into the Akashic Record and to see people’s past lives was the absolute highlight in her live. Through this gift and permission, she is allowed to open a channel that allows her to detach the karma of past lives.

Dragica says, “The greatest fulfillment of man is to arrive fully at his own, to be happy and successful in all circumstances.”