Magic Healing
Learn and experience the magic and simplicity of Magic Healing.
And the silence returns.

Magic Healing - Theory

Magic Healing - Practice

Here again the procedure of Magic Healing to read up:

Procedure and posture:

• Take a hand position so that all fingertips are touching
• The fingertips always point to the body
• Always keep a distance of about 5 cm from the fingertips to the body
• Go through the following four positions in order (see positions)
• At each position we say the eight statements out loud (see statements)
• Choose a speed at which you can feel the statements
• We do three passes in total (when you reach the temple, continue with the 3rd eye)
• The whole exercise takes about six minutes



1. Third eye (hold hands together, all 10 fingers point to the third eye)
2. Larynx (keep your hands together, all 10 fingers point to the larynx)
3. Jaw, below the ear (place the hands left and right below the ear)
4. Temple (place the hands to the left and right of the temple)



1. God, I am the knowing principle of all things
2. I am, love
3. I am, harmony
4. I am, bliss
5. I am, completeness
6. I am, abundance
7. I am, thankfulness
8. I am, God


Now put your hands on your heart chakra:

I believe and trust firmly that the might and the power of God's love acts in me and through me.



I am God in me. God acts in me and through me. I now let God act in me and through me.
(we repeat the mantra 3 times)