The centring
Protection and connection with heaven and earth. An indispensable tool for everyday life.

In this video I show you why centring is so important and how to do it correctly.

Listen to the 6-minute centring and join in right away.

Click with the right mouse button on "Download centring" and then on "Save link as..." so that you always have the centring with you; on your MP3 player, smartphone or computer.

If you prefer to read the centering yourself, no problem, here is the complete procedure again:

This exercise is to be done in the morning after getting up, but also during the day when you feel tired and lack of energy, the centring will charge you and lead to harmony.

And now close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out.
Mentally feel your body and perceive it consciously, breathe evenly and relax your body.

Feel your feet touching the floor next to each other, your legs very loose and relaxed, back straight, hands on your laps with palms up, head straight and a smile on your face to relax your facial muscles.

Now feel your energy field / the aura / and imagine a light channel of about 3 meters in diameter surrounding your body.

Now please focus your attention on your feet and let the foot chakras expand into tubes of light; to the centre of the earth. There is a huge golden sphere of light (symbolically the heart of mother earth), which symbolically stands for the power and strength of the 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water), love, compassion and security of mother earth, healing power of the plants and gems, as well as the abundance and richness (gold chamber) of mother earth. Let your ray of light merge / anchor with the golden ball in the belly of mother earth.

Now take a few deep breaths and allow the golden light to flow up the tube of light and fill your body with the golden light energy. Go through all bones, muscles, internal organs, nervous system and blood circulation in the performance. And finally, draw the golden light over your skin and imagine how it is smoothed and unevenness disappears.

When you feel really good, breathe in the golden light and energy only up to the navel and imagine how a ball of light is created there. Charge the golden ball of light in your abdomen with even more light until you can perceive a powerful, big, light-filled golden ball / ball of light. Connect once again consciously with mother earth and thank her for carrying and nourishing you, and also thank her for the many gifts. Now take another deep breath and now pull the golden light around you into the light channel up to the top of the head.

Now go with your attention into the crown and let a pillar of light grow into the universe, connect with everything that exists.

Now let the energy of boundless creativity, unconditional love and all-embracing divine healing energy flow down and feel this energy flowing through your body. Like a waterfall of light, the white light pours out through your crown, through your whole body down to the smallest cell.

Now feel into your heart center in the middle of the chest. Imagine how a 10 cm in diameter light column extends from the heart centre through the vertex to the heart centre of your divine soul (approx. 10 to 15 metres high). Make sure that the light column maintains its 10 cm in diameter up to the top. Then breath deeply and consciously into your chest / heart chakra a few times the bright white light and as you exhale let the light expand within you. Now stay with your attention in your center, relax and just feel into your body.

Now, you can say a prayer, have a conversation with your divine soul and make your wishes known.

God bless you and protect you.