Spiritual Reality - The Journey Within (Power of Meditation)

This product is the outcome of extensive research by Spiritual Masters through Meditation.

A step by step Meditation Visual Guide.

A video to learn and practice Meditation.

Spiritual Reality is the answer to ...
• Be Healthy Joyful and Peaceful
• Be Blissful at all given times and situations
• Achieve whatever you want
• Become a miraculous Creator

Spiritual Reality: The Ultimate Guide to Meditation is an enlightening movie on meditation and meditative experiences. In this movie Spiritual truths have been dealt with in a profound manner and given a uniquely stunning visual form by using outstanding computer graphics. 'Spiritual Reality' is based on two decades of extensive research and real life experiences of Spiritual Masters. Each one of us is in search of good health, peace, knowledge, prosperity, harmony and overall, a happy and blissful life at all given times and situations. By watching the movie, one can learn to meditate, understand Spiritual science and derive the best out of life. The movie explains in detail basic Spiritual concepts like - how to do meditation, what happens during meditation, cosmic energy and also higher science like etheric body, third eye, astral travel, birth, death and Nirvana.